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Georgia Perimeter College


Discover Life has partnered with Georgia Perimeter College (GPC) to observe changes in the biodiversity of Metro Atlanta and compare results with other study sites, particularly nearby ones in Clarke County, a more rural area, which includes Athens. We wish to understand how Atlanta's air pollution, heat island, light pollution, and urbanization affect local moths, plants, and lichens.

Under the guidance of Jonathan Lochamy and with support from the GPC, interns at GPC document Atlanta species through photography. They upload their photographs to albums on Discover Life. Students at the University of Georgia, Athens, and other participants are collecting similar data in Clarke County at Sandy Creek Nature Center and the Blue Heron Nature Site. Discover Life's staff and network of taxonomists are helping the GPC interns to identify species.

Through service learning, our goal is to teach participants how to formulate hypotheses, collect high-quality data, and analyze their results in the context of this multi-site, multi-year study.


The project's moth results are tabulated nightly. For individual student's contibutions, click on 'edit' next to their names. The 'List all' link on their page presents all the species that they have documented.

current counties covered: Fulton|Dekalb|Gwinnett|Paulding|Newton|Clayton|Rockdale|DeKalb|Twiggs

Presentation: Documenting Changes in Moth Life-Cylcles and Abundance Caused by Urban Warming and Pollution

  • Lochamy, Jonathan -- [edit]
  • Almeida, Matheus -- [edit]
  • Argaw, Surafel -- [edit]
  • Do, Linh -- [edit]
  • Francis, O'Neilia -- [edit]
  • Hill, Georgia -- [edit]
  • Kilani, Aminat -- [edit]
  • Lee, Chloe -- [edit]
  • Lewis, Stephen -- [edit]
  • Mattox, Cornell -- [edit]
  • Musgrove, Jasmine -- [edit]
  • Pena_Popo, Roxana -- [edit]

    Albums of previous interns

  • Adodo, Imienreluefe -- [edit]
  • Adodo, Priscilla -- [edit]
  • Alshareef, Kamal -- [edit]
  • Bendik, Kirsten -- [edit]
  • Bhagat, Rahim -- [edit]
  • Devitry, Alexandre -- [edit]
  • Diawara, Djenabou -- [edit]
  • Tshimbombu, Tshibambe -- [edit]
  • Price, Deaunna -- [edit]
  • Tan, Andrew -- [edit]
  • Tran, Vy -- [edit]
  • Hepi, Ndasi -- [edit]
  • Maxwell, Folashade -- [edit]
  • Kazentet, Yitbarek -- [edit]
  • Duong, Yen -- [edit]
  • Habib, Mwoddah -- [edit]
  • Quach, Trung Dinh -- [edit]
  • Nune, Hanna -- [edit]
  • Smith, Quanda -- [edit]
  • Yadudu, Fatima -- [edit]
  • Bui, Quan -- [edit]
  • Nguyen, Khoa -- [edit]
  • Farley, Kristen -- [edit]
  • Hersi, Jabrel -- [edit]

  • Photograph by Trung Dinh Quach
    Hypena scabra
    Green Cloverworm Moth


    • Jonathan Lochamy, Georgia Perimeter College -- Jonathan.Lochamy@gpc.edu
    • Nancy Lowe, Outreach Coordinator, Discover Life -- nancy@discoverlife.org -- 404-272-4526
    Updated: 18 February, 2016
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