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Intern Guide
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Tori Staples
Updated 3 June, 2014

Summer, 2014


Freddy Geiser, Young DAWG
Nate, Yound DAWG


John Pickering
Institute of Ecology
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602-2602

Tori Staples
Polistes Foundation

Room: 538 Biological Sciences Building
Phone: (706) 542-1115

Phone: (678) 343-1201



  • collect adult Hypoprepia fucosa at home
  • collect lichen moth caterpillars in the field
Sexing, Mating and Rearing

  • mate adult Hypoprepia fucosa at home
  • hatch eggs and rear caterpillars at home
  • expose caterpillars to lichen food trials at home
  • photograph all life stages and adult genitalia
  • photograph Hypoprepia fucosa specimens and adult genitalia in museum

Science Club and National Moth Week

  • invite the Science Club to National Moth Week Event
  • reach out to other schools, diversifying membership and creating clubs elsewhere
  • present results from the summer's internship


  • compare the number of stoneflies, mayflies, caddisflies, and megalopterans across sites

Topics for Literature Review

  • How do we sex Hypoprepia fucosa?
  • On what do lichen moth caterpillars feed?
  • When do lichen moth caterpillars feed?

Species to Mark and Recapture at Home

  • Hypoprepia fucosa
  • Heterocampa obliqua, Oblique Heterocampa
  • Anisota stigma, Spiny Oakworm Moth
  • Anisota virginiensis, Pink-striped Oakworm Moth
  • Actias luna, Luna Moth
Insect Orders To Know

Lepidoptera-- butterflies, moths, skippers
Coleoptera-- beetles
Hymenoptera-- wasps, bees, ants
Diptera-- flies
Hemiptera-- true bugs

Guide to Insect Orders

Insect Families To Know

Geometridae-- geometer moths
Arctiidae-- tiger moths


Species To Know

Geometrids Hypagyrtis unipunctata, One-Spotted Variant

Hypoprepia fucosa, Painted Lichen Moth
Cisthene packardii, Packards Lichen Moth
Cisthene plumbea, Lead-colored Lichen Moth

Microcrambus elegans, Elegant Grass-veneer Moth
Desmia funeralis, Grape Leaf Folder Moth

Nadata gibbosa, White-dotted Prominent

Clepsis peritana, Garden Tortrix Moth
Archips grisea, Gray Archips Moth
Argyrotaenia quercifoliana, Yellow-winged Oak Leafroller Moth
Acleris semipurpurana, Oak Leaftier Moth
Coelostathma discopunctana, The Batman Moth

Polygrammate hebraeicum, The Hebrew
Nigetia formosalis, Thin-winged Owlet
Epimecis hortaria, Tulip-tree Beauty
Iridopsis defectaria, Brown-Shaded Gray
Iridopsis larvaria, Bent-Line Gray
Marimatha nigrofimbria, Black-bordered Lemon Moth
Malacosoma americana, Eastern Tent Caterpillar Moth

Harmonia axyridis, Asian Multicolored Lady Beetle


  • Camera
    • Nikon D50

      setting to adjust
      ISO 400 menu, camera, ISO
      f-stop F32 press and hold "+/-", turn rightside wheel
      flash mode TTL menu, pencil, flash mode

    • Sony Cybershot Exmor 20x

      setting to adjust
      ISO 200 press lower wheel, highlight first value, turn wheel
      f-stop F8.0 press lower wheel, highlight third value, turn wheel
      shutter speed 4000 press lower wheel, highlight second value, turn wheel

  • Flashlight, small
  • Ruler, mm

Common Namess


Other Appropriate Labels

Cell Phone
light front and backlight-- Pick's House; Walker Center, front
light back -- Walker Center, back

moth micro
moth plume
moth Geometridae
moth Notodontidae moth Spilosoma
moth Macaria
moth Datana



in the terminal, type 'e [delete]' press 'return' to enable the delete key
to stop a process or get a new command line, type '[control]+[c]'
for help with using vi text editor, see
Becka's Short Cuts



force your photographs into your album, same day
use "unix" commands

1. open terminal press 'return'
2. type '1' press 'return'
3. type dl's password press 'return'
4. type 'web2db -wf I_XXXX' press 'return'
    where 'I_XXXX' is the title of the album you wish to update, i.e. I_YDFG


refresh the checklist page
use "unix" commands

1. open terminal press 'return'
2. type '1' press 'return'
3. type dl's password press 'return'
4. type 'c' press 'return'
5. type 'cd US/GA/Clarke' press 'return'
6. type 'cl2db' press 'return'


add a species to the checklist
use "unix" commands

1. open terminal press 'return'
2. type '1' press 'return'
3. type dl's password press 'return'
4. type 'c' press 'return'
5. type 'cd US/GA/Clarke' press 'return'
6. type 'bak' press 'return'
7. type 'vi' press 'return'

use "vi" commands

8. type '/[XXXX]' press 'return'
    where XXXX is the term with which you want to search
9. type 'o' press 'return'
    to open a new line below your cursor
10. type the name of the species you're adding press 'esc'
11. type ':wq' press 'return'

Updated: 12 June, 2013

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