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Cardamine hirsuta, Hoary Bittercress
© Copyright Sheryl Pollock 2011 · 8
Cardamine hirsuta, Hoary Bittercress

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Cardamine concatenata, Cut-leaved Toothwort
© Copyright Sheryl Pollock 2011 · 8
Cardamine concatenata, Cut-leaved Toothwort
Cardamine douglassii, Purple Cress
© Copyright Sheryl Pollock 2011 · 8
Cardamine douglassii, Purple Cress

Cardamine douglassii, Purple Cress
© Copyright Sheryl Pollock 2011 · 7
Cardamine douglassii, Purple Cress
Cardamine douglassii, Purple Cress
© Copyright Sheryl Pollock 2011 · 7
Cardamine douglassii, Purple Cress

Cardamine diphylla
© John Pickering, 2004-2017 · 7
Cardamine diphylla
Cardamine diphylla
© John Pickering, 2004-2017 · 7
Cardamine diphylla

Cardamine impatiens
© Les Mehrhoff, 2008-2010 · 7
Cardamine impatiens
Cardamine diphylla
© Les Mehrhoff, 2008-2010 · 7
Cardamine diphylla

Cardamine concatenata, Cutleaf Toothwort
© Copyright Cody Parmer 2010 · 6
Cardamine concatenata, Cutleaf Toothwort
Cardamine diphylla, pollen
© Copyright UDEL Pollen 2014 · 6
Cardamine diphylla, pollen

Cardamine diphylla
© John Pickering, 2004-2017 · 6
Cardamine diphylla
Cardamine hirsuta
© Copyright Bobby Hattaway 2011 · 5
Cardamine hirsuta

Cardamine hirsuta
© Copyright Bobby Hattaway 2011 · 5
Cardamine hirsuta
Cardamine hirsuta
© Copyright Bobby Hattaway 2011 · 5
Cardamine hirsuta

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FamilyScientific name @ source (records)
Aphididae  Aphis ( @ CSUC_TCN (1)

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https://plants.usda.gov/java/profile?symbol=CARDA ---> http://plants.usda.gov/core/profile?symbol=CARDA
http://plants.usda.gov/core/profile?symbol=CARDA ---> https://plants.usda.gov/core/profile?symbol=CARDA
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Cardamine L.

General Information
Symbol: CARDA
Group: Dicot
Family: Brassicaceae
Growth Habit :  
Native Status : AK   N
GL   N
HI   I
L48   I,N
PR   I
Data Source and Documentation
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green round image for nativity Native blue round image for introduced Introduced ocre round image for introduced and nativity Both white round image for no status Absent/Unreported
image for native, but no county data Native, No County Data image for introduced, but no county data Introduced, No County Data both introduced and native, but no county data Both, No County Data
Native Status:
lower 48 status L48    Alaska status AK    Hawaii status HI    Puerto Rico status PR    Virgin Islands status VI    Navassa Island NAV    Canada status CAN    Greenland status GL    Saint Pierre and Michelon status SPM    North America NA   





Click on a scientific name below to expand it in the PLANTS Classification Report.
Rank Scientific Name and Common Name
Kingdom Plantae – Plants
Subkingdom Tracheobionta – Vascular plants
Superdivision Spermatophyta – Seed plants
Division Magnoliophyta – Flowering plants
Class Magnoliopsida – Dicotyledons
Subclass Dilleniidae
Order Capparales
Family Brassicaceae ⁄ Cruciferae – Mustard family
Genus Cardamine L. – bittercress

Subordinate Taxa

The Plants Database includes the following 41 species of Cardamine . Click below on a thumbnail map or name for species profiles. Plant is native (blue) Native Plant is introduced Introduced Plant is introduced Native and Introduced Related taxa legend Distribution of <i>
Cardamine angulata</i>
Cardamine angulata
seaside bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine angustata</i>
O.E. Schulz
Cardamine angustata
slender toothwort Distribution of <i>
Cardamine ×anomala</i>
(Eames) K. Schum. (pro sp.) [<i>
angustata × diphylla</i>
Cardamine ×anomala [ angustata × diphylla ]
bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine bellidifolia</i>
Cardamine bellidifolia
alpine bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine breweri</i>
S. Watson
Cardamine breweri
Brewer's bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine bulbifera</i>
(L.) Crantz
Cardamine bulbifera
coralroot bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine bulbosa</i>
(Schreb. ex Muhl.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb.
Cardamine bulbosa
bulbous bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine californica</i>
(Nutt.) Greene
Cardamine californica
milkmaids Distribution of <i>
Cardamine carrii</i>
B.L. Turner
Cardamine carrii
Carr's bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine clematitis</i>
Shuttlw. ex A. Gray
Cardamine clematitis
small mountain bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine concatenata</i>
(Michx.) Sw.
Cardamine concatenata
cutleaf toothwort Distribution of <i>
Cardamine constancei</i>
Cardamine constancei
Constance's bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine cordifolia</i>
A. Gray
Cardamine cordifolia
heartleaf bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine debilis</i>
D. Don
Cardamine debilis
roadside bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine digitata</i>
Cardamine digitata
Richardson's bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine diphylla</i>
(Michx.) Alph. Wood
Cardamine diphylla
crinkleroot Distribution of <i>
Cardamine dissecta</i>
(Leavenworth) Al-Shehbaz
Cardamine dissecta
forkleaf toothwort Distribution of <i>
Cardamine douglassii</i>
Cardamine douglassii
limestone bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine flagellifera</i>
O.E. Schulz
Cardamine flagellifera
Blue Ridge bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine flexuosa</i>
Cardamine flexuosa
woodland bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine hirsuta</i>
Cardamine hirsuta
hairy bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine impatiens</i>
Cardamine impatiens
narrowleaf bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine ×incisa</i>
(Eames) K. Schum. (pro sp.) [<i>
concatenata × maxima</i>
Cardamine ×incisa [ concatenata × maxima ]
bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine longii</i>
Cardamine longii
Long's bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine macrocarpa</i>
Cardamine macrocarpa
largeseed bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine maxima</i>
(Nutt.) Alph. Wood
Cardamine maxima
large toothwort Distribution of <i>
Cardamine micranthera</i>
Cardamine micranthera
streambank bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine microphylla</i>
M.F. Adams
Cardamine microphylla
small-leaf bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine nuttallii</i>
Cardamine nuttallii
Nuttall's toothwort Distribution of <i>
Cardamine occidentalis</i>
(S. Watson ex B.L. Rob.) Howell
Cardamine occidentalis
big western bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine oligosperma</i>
Cardamine oligosperma
little western bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine pachystigma</i>
(S. Watson) Rollins
Cardamine pachystigma
serpentine bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine parviflora</i>
Cardamine parviflora
sand bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine pattersonii</i>
L.F. Hend.
Cardamine pattersonii
Saddle Mountain bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine penduliflora</i>
O.E. Schulz
Cardamine penduliflora
Willamette Valley bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine pensylvanica</i>
Muhl. ex Willd.
Cardamine pensylvanica
Pennsylvania bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine pratensis</i>
Cardamine pratensis
cuckoo flower Distribution of <i>
Cardamine purpurea</i>
Cham. & Schltdl.
Cardamine purpurea
purple bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine regeliana</i>
Cardamine regeliana
Japanese bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine rotundifolia</i>
Cardamine rotundifolia
American bittercress Distribution of <i>
Cardamine rupicola</i>
(O.E. Schulz) C.L. Hitchc.
Cardamine rupicola
cliff bittercress Plant is native (blue) Native Plant is introduced Introduced Plant is introduced Native and Introduced Related taxa legend

Legal Status

Wetland Status

Interpreting Wetland Status

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Source Large Mammals Small Mammals Water Birds Terrestrial Birds

Description of Values

Value Class Food Cover

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http://calphotos.berkeley.edu/cgi/img_query?query_src=dl&where-taxon=Cardamine+sp.&where-lifeform=specimen_tag&rel-lifeform=ne&rel-taxon=begins+with&where-lifeform=Plant ---> https://calphotos.berkeley.edu/cgi/img_query?query_src=dl&where-taxon=Cardamine+sp.&where-lifeform=specimen_tag&rel-lifeform=ne&rel-taxon=begins+with&where-lifeform=Plant
&pull 20q v4.662 20091102: Error 500 Can't connect to calphotos.berkeley.edu:443 https://calphotos.berkeley.edu/cgi/img_query?query_src=dl&where-taxon=Cardamine+sp.&where-lifeform=specimen_tag&rel-lifeform=ne&rel-taxon=begins+with&where-lifeform=Plant

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