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Haida Gwaii
Village of Masset, British Columbia
latitude: 54.02° longitude: -132.14°


Haida Gwaii is an archipeligo, about 300 km long, orientated in a north-northwest to south-southeast direction, stretching from 51.9054° to 54.2586° latitude, and -130.9351° to -133.2028° longitude. Masset is located precisely at 54.0151° latitude and -132.1428° longitude.

Because of its size and orientation, there are several completely different ecosystems on Haida Gwaii. The west side is one of the rainiest places in North America, while the east side is in a rain shadow and is only moderately rainy. Elevation ranges from sea level to 1,164 meters at the top of Mt. Moresby.

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