#NSF Macrosystems Biology Proposal -- Discover Life
Under development -- please share but do not cite -- draft 30 September, 2010

We submitted a version of this proposal to the National Science Foundation's Macrosystems Biology program on September 16, 2010. We are now preparing an expanded version for submission by 4 April, 2011, the program's next submission deadline, either as a resubmission or supplement. If you or your organization would like to participate, please contact John Pickering (pick@discoverlife.org, 706-254-7446) or Nancy Lowe (nancy@discoverlife.org, 404-272-4526). Please send letters of collaboration to Kevin Weick as pdf files to weickkd@aol.com or via fax to 617-484-6428.


Discover Life network to study species and their interactions across geographic scales


John Pickering, Gretchen LeBuhn, Eric Nagy, Steve Stephenson, Nyree Zerega

Submitted version as pdf files: